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CEO Message


We are facing a major turning point in the global economy and society that will change the way we all do business. Conventional thinking and traditional operating models will not be able to capture the opportunities that arise from this paradigm shift. By taking the initiative to transform ourselves, we aim to deliver added value to our clients, society at large and enhancing stakeholders’ and employees’ value while moving towards our global presence.

Our vision is to take METCO to the next stage, to be vibrant, forward looking, techno-savvy company serving diverse section of the society, and to do this we have laid out our plan to expand and to introduce additional line of services and provide the specialized services to our clients – individuals, trusts, banks & other financial institutions to complement our legal and financial services.

Our strategy is not about just extending our products and services and delivery methods. By combining these, we aim to provide customized services and solutions for each client and also to banks and other financial institutions.

We often talk about taking on new challenges and we believe diversity is an essential element to this. One of the highest priorities for our management and the team is to create an equity to the estate of our clients and its management. We are committed to bring not only high levels of expertise, but also diverse backgrounds and different values to group operations.

Our management vision is to achieve sustainable growth by helping resolve social issues. Our diverse businesses rely on the trust of our clients and all stakeholders. We recognize that raising our corporate value is closely linked to ensuring sustainable growth of society as a whole.

We believe the paradigm shift presents boundless opportunities for the future of financial services and for METCO to contribute to our clients. As we move forward to this new future, everyone at METCO will work hard to realize sustainable growth for the Company and the society at large.

Shri Hrushikesh Moreshwar Godse

AGM Bank of Maharashtra and CEO METCO