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History of METCO-Trustee

We all live in the modern World and due to globalization, rapid changes are taking in lifestyle of Indians.

It is observed that due to gradual disintegration of family systems, the services offered by The Maharashtra Executor & Trustee Co. Pvt. Ltd, which are very specialized in nature, assumes great significance. The main services offered by the Company are preparation and registration of Will, execution of will, Management of Private and Public Trusts. Management of Investment and house properties as Attorney, Consultation for sale/Purchase of Property, Guardianship of Minor’s property. There is onerous responsibility cast on Trustee by law and therefore it is essential to carry out day-to-day functions of company with due diligence and efficiency.

Keeping in view that the practices followed by the Company for last more than Seven decades, are proven best.

The Maharashtra Executor and trustee company Private Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Maharashtra. The Company was incorporated and established on 10 th April 1946 and is rendering services since then. It is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913, under Registration No 11-4874.

It was established mainly in furtherance of Bank’s motto of “Personal Touch” and “One family One bank” while rendering banking services. In the present scenario, banking involves diverse services and faces severe competition. It has become all the more important to offer specialized services which the Company offers to the public looking to the constraints faced in the modern world of jet set life styles and where life is most uncertain and full of unexpected contingencies.

It is observed that over the years a person acquires property in the form of immovable property or movable property, or rights by way of inheritance etc. He would like such property to be managed professionally or to be dealt with, after his death as per his wishes by an entity, which would ensure impartial and dedicated services. Due to disintegration of joint family systems and nuclear family concept, many senior citizens need services, which are offered by the company. The services rendered by the Company are thus very much helpful to establish relationship with the customers, generations after generations, which may not be possible in day to day business of banking.

The Company by and large renders following types of services
  • Consultation and drafting of will, Safe custody of will and execution of the will as an Executor.
  • Consultation for formation and settlement of Public Charitable Trusts for the benefit of Public.
  • Consultation for formation and settlement of Private Trusts for the benefit of minors, females, handicapped persons, dependents etc.
  • Management of Public and Private Trust as Managing Trustee.
  • Management of Property movable/immovable as Attorney including sale/purchase of immovable property
  • Management of Property of Minor as Court appointed Guardian.
Following are the METCO units providing the services to the society.
  • Pune Unit: Mobile: 9404051994
    Email ID:
  • Mumbai Unit: Landline: 022-22625974/75
    Email ID:
  • Thane Unit: Landline: 022-25826989
    Email ID:
  • Nagpur Unit: Landline: 0712-2545035
    Email ID: